The Olive

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Girl in mousy sunglasses
Arrives on her date.
Unknowingly the guy
Has set up the meetup
In a pretty beer garden
belonging to her favourite

You picked a lovely place.
Did I?
Yes! I come here often.
To buy books. 
They cheer me up
On my worst days,
Regardless of genre.

Left eyebrow arched.

Do you like reading?
Of course - I love it. 
Don’t you?

Right eyebrow arched.

Well, yes. Who doesn’t?
I prefer sport though.
Oh, I love to exercise too, 
I go swimming often.

Well, I tend to enjoy
far more social
Than that. 

We are a bit dry over here. 

Would you care for some wine?
I would. Dry if they have it, 
Thanks so much.

I will see what I can do.

This is a real winner. 

I brought some olives too.
Great, I love olives.
He takes one,
Proceeds to eat
His way around the pit,
without taking his eyes
Off her.

That lovely, Mediterranean-skinned olive. 

So what else do you like?
Well. Yes, I guess. Who doesn’t.
Sure, who doesn't.

The girl cannot help
But perceive a tiny yawn
Coming out
Of his beautifully contoured
Italian mouth. 
Such muscle spasm
Faithfully reflects
The way she is feeling
About the date
At that very moment. 

They are kindred spirits after all. 

Suddenly, he abruptly
Spits out the chewed up olive.
Apologetically, he says:
I love garlic...
Just not tonight.
I see.
Do you happen to have
Some food intolerance?
Well, erm, no.
So what's happening tonight?

Arched eyebrows (now the whole set).

Our date? 
Oh, of course. 
She stares at the olive
For a long time.
The virgin olive, 
The one that still hasn’t
Been spat out
Due to garlic interference.

She puts on
Her mousy sunglasses
And gets up,
Ready to go.
The self-assured, 
Semi-seductive stare
Now falters.
I am off to buy some books.
I hope you enjoy
The rest of the olives.
They were so yummy.

The wine was not dry enough though.

He takes the phone
Off his back pocket.
Opens up the app,
And swipes right
On the next picture
That captures
His olive imagination. 

They are kindred spirits after all.

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