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Venomous snake
That bites my ankle.
Slimy mark
Imprinted on my skin.

I did not even notice
I was trespassing
Your green garden.
The one that
I used to step upon 
With naked feet.

I distance myself,
Dangling my legs
Under my polka-dotted skirt.

All I needed
Was to doodle
Small figurines
On your blank notebook.

Doodle away,
And take a sip of coffee.

Famine abounds
And you need
To stop wasting away.

Willingness is the wonderful
Gift of the soul bearers.
They instill
Fanciful thoughts
And set them alight.

Open sky,
A broken key,
Bringing down
The merry outskirts.
They do not want
To kneel and fight.

I run to the forest,
I bite on lime, 
And by the finish line
I carry on doodling.

If only I wasn't wearing
My polka-dotted skirt.

The Author

Woman. Floaty. Attached. Dettached. Sudden. Note-scribbler. Citizen of the world. Travelling to the moon and back.

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