The Sound of Silence

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Don’t dare speak up
Repeat with me
Milady sleeps

Fast-forward streams

Solarium nights
Lavish details
Siren-tailed corpse

Breaking the silence

The sound of deathbed
Amnesic smile
Subtle, sublime,

Such inner fight

The prima donna
That got the part
She was no singer!

Her saddened rhymes

Lady in waiting
She’s held at bay
Translucent playground

Far, far, away

No-one’s an angel
A gusty room
But don’t be fooled

Breaking the silence

One sleepy mirage
Got only blurred
A buzzing fly

Such inner fight

Translucent playground
Far, far, away,
Breaking the silence

She won’t obey,

The sound of Silence

The Author

Woman. Floaty. Attached. Dettached. Sudden. Note-scribbler. Citizen of the world. Travelling to the moon and back.


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