Monster Ball

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Slowly, slowly,
You approach me
Little creature
Of the night

I behold those
Fancy feelings
Wicked wizard
Warm at heart?

Slowly, slowly,
I approach you
Please don’t bite me
Let me roam free

Lion tamer
Suave enchanter
Got seduced by
Your spider fang

Softly gifting
Piercing heartaches
Wicked creature
Golden night

Slowly, slowly,
You reproach me
Swift-tonged monster
Full of might

I might leave this
Fancy figment,
Feathered, foamed,
Velvet stream at heart

I still dream, YouWondrous creature,
Would come, 

a n d

S   o   f   t   l   y  ,

D    a    r    k    -  v    e    i    l    e    d  ,

B                     I                    T                   E .

The Author

Woman. Floaty. Attached. Dettached. Sudden. Note-scribbler. Citizen of the world. Travelling to the moon and back.


  1. Oh, I like how this one progresses… I felt like the intensity kept building throughout 👌

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