fine line

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You seduced
my blank p a g e s 
w i t h a purple 

Your s c o r e agile
—with bare lines, fragile—
and a smoky


Paper trails
going a m i s s
during o u r morning 

While we kept silent
O, u n s p o k e n mysteries—
fading n o c t u r n e


We felt dazed by 
unscripted p l a y s
that informed f a s t

They begun as poems
untied their l a c e s
c r a z y thoughts


I seduced
your blank pages 
with s c a r l e t

Our minds pondered—
carving fine-line wonders— 
on s k i n s  they


Now our page is orphan,
blank, and d e v o i d
of our ink 

Which we read as p o e m s
but then turned all silent
s a f e in thoughts— 


There is a sea of echoes
all those t i n t e d glasses
s t o r i e s that—still 

                         Yet we had to stay silent
—while we craved e m b r a c e s—
crazy thoughts
                    R  e  d  e  e  m  e  d   ?

*with thanks to my beautiful beta reader

The Author

Woman. Floaty. Attached. Dettached. Sudden. Note-scribbler. Citizen of the world. Travelling to the moon and back.


  1. Great poem! Love these lines especially:

    “Paper trails
    going amiss
    during our morning

    “…as poems
    untied their laces”

    “Now our page is orphan”


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