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Stoned Verse

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Silver songs  and sombre sounds  like silent stories—  stoned, profound    Writing, boldly,  of wild, wild dreams,  this page all soaked  with bright, red ink    My tears pouring  down that page,  just drowning words with startled rage    While smoking,  writing,  dreaming,  stoned,    Those letters  blurring—  poems  I owned    My silver   song  so stoned  it fades    The story  inhabits  dark,   stark caves    Yet writing, boldly,  of wild, wild dreams,  that nearly burst   with […]

Broken Mirror

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I strived to collect the shattered pieces of your broken mirror The one you bought to catch a glimpse of your ailing soul I’d slowly arrange those crystal pieces into a living puzzle My hands got scarred, my heart, all aching— fearing one high toll My mind all floundered, just picking pieces off the cold ceramics My feet all naked, as I kept walking on that unswept floor * You yearned to collect the shattered […]

Rare Waters

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Rare words, Wildly Running Through those Full lips—  Untimed The ones you Didn’t dare Open When trying To speak  Your riveting Lies Rivers  of sound Reverberating Through Silence, Flying arabesques Of the mind— In your dreams, So far away In that gloomy horizon Silent Words— Wildly pouring  through Tearful Sights Soft mounds, Rare waters— Some eerie Arabesque Light The one you Wouldn’t dare Shed— While plotting Your riveting Lies Silent words Soothing waters— And ghostly […]

Stifling a yawn (Collab)

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Collabs / Poetry

By Secret Thoughts Within and Vintage Black I am so tired so very, very tired of not feeling comfortable within myself  I am so weary so very, very weary of putting my heart back on the shelf   Tired          tired tired Weary          weary weary   Comfortable with nothing and weary with so little my shelf life (patience) expired and my honest thoughts are cracked and  b    r    i    t  […]

dyed verse

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Where is her tiny Black dress? The one  She wanted to Wear that E v e n i n g A dress of Fancy, Bitter, Sweet and Dark-tinged V e r s e Prose-dyed, Vague-styled, But, still, Written with Her, I n  u n i s o n Neither  Of them Wanting  To die A verse-less  D e a t h For this,  They together  Caress, An achingly D a r k ,  —  B […]


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Fragments of deep verse Washing ashore Yet the lyrical tempest Hasn’t even S t a r t e d In this rough and slumbering, Wetly dry and Wicked, Late summer of slow w o r d s Wake up, W o r d S t o r m e r Have you ever dreamed of such a late, And furious, Timeless, Fateful, Somber, Fearsome, Word S t o r m ? Wake up, W o […]

Purple Waves

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We haven’t met In real life I’ve barely seen  Your framed P r o f i l e Yet your words Illuminate My path Your empath Soul My spirit L i g h t e n s This soft Bright verse All weaved in P u r p l e A wickedly Magnetic rhymer Wielding words With infinite poetic N o u s A great Wing poetess A gifted lyricist— And a better F r […]

Steamed Letters

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these days i feel too mild to grasp life with a mordacious bite i lose my pencils easily and i permanently misplace my pens and pads my words end up stored away in fridges, where i’d rarely look, Alas! lest I turn ravenous with rhyming lust my lazy verses, in arrears, they become tears of m o d e r o b goodbye steam lettering on a hot bathroom       M     […]