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Monster Ball

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Slowly, slowly, You approach me Little creature Of the night I behold those Fancy feelings Wicked wizard Warm at heart? Slowly, slowly, I approach you Please don’t bite me Let me roam free Lion tamer Suave enchanter Got seduced by Your spider fang Softly gifting Piercing heartaches Wicked creature Golden night Slowly, slowly, You reproach me Swift-tonged monster Full of might I might leave this Fancy figment, Feathered, foamed, Velvet stream at heart I still […]

Poem Interruptus

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I often feel flustered with your never-ending sweet-toothed verses You are endowed with some greatly magical tricks Yet your poem interruptus meter often leaves me all cold and bothered Fact is, I'll never get sonnet-pregnant with your words 'Cause you always pull out your rhymes at the very last minute There is never enough time to come into ode-full moans and sighs My daylight dreams are all flustered and my imagination drawn to ecstatic snippets […]

Blue Cinderella Rock Song

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Flying crazy  And loopy sounds  Those loony tunes  House breaking moulds  Silver tights  And bright blue shoes  A light of fancy  A daring spy    A ruthless dream  A tearful song  A seamstress  Stream  Ten hours,  Gone  You’ll never text  Too sad,  Too bad,  Forget, forget  A fearless sight  Smells of ashes  Speed of light  True singalong  Tap dancing night  To loony tunes  A daring spy  A flight of fancy,  A seamstress  Stream  Too mad […]

The Reader

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To all the ones That read my poems That hear me bare That don’t despair The texts The laughs The hidden Meanings The sounds The smiles The profound Feelings The rooms The streets Snow-covered Stay And thick, grey Smoke That will One day Become star Dust Till you will Sway That scent That sound Oh all So near Takes me To a time When you Were here To all The ones That read My poems […]

Pink Pillow Poem

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Draw one tattoo For me I'll ink another one For you A tat One And only We'll share Our pink Pillow book, Inked verse, Stained bed Of love, longing, Pain, undeserved, Unsearched, and, yet conquered, Profound, One lasting bond, Fancy lettering, Blue This, Our night's Little secret, Still true Bold, and, forever, Subdued, Our Pink Pillow Poem, Tattooed

Dancing Hands

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waves & colours twists & turns & black & white outstretched, loose arms, with hands untangling, knitting smiles on pale soft canvas, warm & bright a fragile psyche, brave as night tonight with hands, untangling, weaving waves & colours, twists & turns tonight. outstretched. on soft. grey canvas. cold, & bright. some touch the horizon. cry. then fly. these dancing hands * inspired by my beloved friend Tiffany D.'s drawing — with fearless hands dancing […]

Sea Salted Skin

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Your bright materials I will never forget The love The scent The hugs Those kisses The ones You owed me Yet never returned That icy, shadowed Bridge you never Dared to cross Fearing it would Crumble Under Your Feet Lest your soul Fill the river in Drowned sorrow Before wearing That suit Sea Salted Skin Too self-enchanted With those sonnets, second-guessing Our exchanged verses, Doubting The authenticity Of these free rhymes Yet the image Of […]

The Sound of Silence

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Don’t dare speak up Repeat with me Milady sleeps Fast-forward streams Solarium nights Lavish details Siren-tailed corpse Breaking the silence The sound of deathbed Amnesic smile Subtle, sublime, Such inner fight The prima donna That got the part She was no singer! Her saddened rhymes Lady in waiting She’s held at bay Translucent playground Far, far, away No-one’s an angel A gusty room But don’t be fooled Breaking the silence One sleepy mirage Got only […]

On Poets & Muses

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Amused, Bemused, Male muse, Poem brews A writer, Confused, With red wine - All infused That muse, Diffused Entangled, Untangled, Unkind, Yet...profound? One poet, One muse, Both fused Him obtuse Dancing Together, All drunk And bemused One sad blues So confused, That muse, But enthused - From strong Female poets He cowards away One sad blues Amused and Bemused, That male muse Wine infused! Untangled And kind, All bewitched And profound Like a poet Gorging […]