Dear Blogging Folks

(a-temporal, multi-temporal and new dimension-seeking imaginary readers), 

i kept this page largely grey for a while…

…since I hadn’t come up with anything funky enough to write in here…

…but not everything needs to be funky, I guess…

…even though sometimes everything looks, feels, sounds and reads prettier, deeper, more touching, or fun, or lyrically spicier if funkily composed

…some of those things you learn as you go through life

like when you fall. and it really hurts. but then you get up. you keep walking, falling and once again getting up, and walking…

…through those dusty roads of life…

Beauty of it all is, there is always the sky, or a tree, or sometimes, even better, the sea in sight…

(beware of those trees though, they can branch out – they are not perfect)

so after all this rambling…I just wanted to say, the feedback received has been great. Thank You, All, for sharing all those beautiful and authentic blogs. Reading the words of talented, interesting folks (in any media) has always been one of my life-long sources of inspiration. Sorry, if I haven’t been able to share more of my own feedback.

With love to my “dark” family and true&(s)caringly good alien friends 🖤 



P.S.1: amateur writer, English is not my first language. forgive me if at times I messed around with your beautifully flexible, alliteration-rich and expressive words and syntax. If I sounded way too wordy, exotic or convoluted (particularly in prose). I should probably spend more time editing or “unriddling” what comes out as I write. even though. there are things that have no meaning. or are better left “unriddled”. or do not need to be fully understood. or, are just product of your imagination. they just Are in that very written flow.

Just there to be read or listened to – if you do consciously care about those wordy or silent words. no matter when you read – (or get) them.

P.S.2: when you are really really interested, or care, you (try) to inquire, understand, clarify. don’t take people or things for granted. respect. don’t patronize. i guess this should be good guidance for everyone – and yours truly does not exclude herself from that!

P.S.3: – – -one last true, mad, deep, & unmistakably incongruous thought. be mind-full of your words, your silences, your opinions, your general assumptions and interpretations. If you need to revisit them or update them based on new context or even history, try to do so (try to re-construct). No semi-public and irony-painted virtual “witch-hunting“. You do not want anyone to get deeply hurt. don’t dare, or play chess or console games with individual people, even if metaphorically speaking or just for fun… specially not if they are comrades (of any gender, or age ;-)) in arms. Make an effort, (try to) meet them half-way. Don’t justify anything for the sake of art, poetry, evolution, or science. Do have a a heart and soul – even if dark-tinted!

Winter may be coming. some fights still need to be voiced.

Human(e)ly, Respectfully,



*oh damn, i forgot

(Wordy Goodness Gracious. . .), try and evolve and do some more vinyasa yoga. and hand-writing. great for your mind, body, and soul.

But me no Buts :). that’s all for now, folks!