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Random / Poetry
Venomous snake
That bites my ankle.
Slimy mark
Imprinted on my skin.

I did not even notice
I was trespassing
Your green garden.
The one that
I used to step upon
With naked feet.

I distance myself,
Dangling my legs
Under my polka-dotted skirt.

All I needed
Was to doodle
Small figurines
On your blank notebook.

Doodle away,
And take a sip of coffee.

Famine abounds
And you need
To stop wasting away.

Willingness is the wonderful
Gift of the soul bearers.
They instill
Fanciful thoughts
And set them alight.

Open sky,
A broken key,
Bringing down
The merry outskirts.
They do not want
To kneel and fight.

I run to the forest,
I bite on lime,
And by the finish line
I doodle away.

If only I wasn't wearing
My polka-dotted skirt.


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Sailing solo,
Sand and songs,
One wet page,
All sweet and dour.

I feel the soothing caress
Of the steaming bath.
I smear the mirror
With wet tenderness.

Cold water,
Lashes at my back.
I lash out,
As if your long hands
Were grasping
Golden rings
That my fingers
Will never wear.

Sad song,
Blinking boat
Sailing solo.

Night Barking

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Stretch out your hands,
Caress the book covers,
Savor their titles,
Enjoy their pensive skin.

Don’t fear fun
Embrace the wonder
Of those sad stories that
You almost dreamed.

Yellowed pages,
Dog-eared chapters.
The words
You didn’t write
Are truly yours.

Like black magic
Ink disappears.

With empty lungs, I bark,
And I bow to the writer
From the resolute wisdom
Of the starry desert.

Like black magic
Ink disappears.

These are the books
you should have written.
Your travel companions
To the afterlife.

This very barking night.


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Poetry / Random
Humanistic woman,
Yet not humane,
Fat with ideas
Bursting off the seams.
Can’t keep 
Probing her thoughts
In a world that
Laughs at its own jokes.
She tightens her belt
But fragmented sentences
Keep rumbling
Inside her belly.

She can hear them
Revolting in her guts.
She is hungry,
She doesn’t even know
How to keep her diet in check,
How to digest all those stewed letters.
Fat with ideas
Bursting off the seams. 
She is hungry,
Yet she doesn’t even know
How to concoct
Some random verses.

There is not even rhyme
And even in freestyle
That is a recipe for disaster.
Read fast,
And eat up
Till there are no words
Left in the pantry.

Come over
Lithe seamstress.


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Poetry / Random
Wonder woman
With a red nose,
Cannot see
Beyond her wide ears.

Untidy stare
That fixes upon
A yellow mountain.

Her eyes wide open,
Her sticky toes
And those clown shoes
That make her stumble.

Lipstick paints her cheeks
And decorates the room
That she inhabits.

Cry away
To the dark crowd
And cheer up,
Remove the paint.

Wonder woman
with a red nose,
Your eyes wide open
And your sticky toes.
Cry away
To the dark crowd
Remove the shoes
That make you stumble.


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Fresh mint leafs
Refreshing my throat,
Yet I keep savouring
Those purple feelings.

And as I sip on this wine
I envisage a time
When I reveal
My meandering thoughts
To an unwanting world.

Spineless fear
That bends out
And sparkles away
In an undeserved manner.

I bow to you,
I levitate,
And all I want
Is to get near.

I just want to sleep.
And to never look back.
I count the golden linings
Above my head
Those ones in the shape
Of crying clouds.

All too near.


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Everyone bowing
To the righteous rule
Of the Ohm goddess,
Who pierces through
Their ears
With her siren song.

There will be blood
But there will be none
From yogis,
The smell
Of imported incense
Already dried away
Their veins.

Is their heroic pastime
Of yonder years.
Yet revolt is in the air.

For they can kill
With their blank stare
And soft fingers
And watery teeth.
Yet they should not
Oppose their tears.
Of wonderful fears.
Fears of salty unrest.

Unrest in my heart,
I want to follow them
Down their path
Of salty obedience.
Yet I resist.
All I want
is to fly away,
Melt into the horizon.
I close my eyes,
The imaginary wave
Cradles me
Into sleep.

Revolt is in the air.
They should not
Oppose their fears.
Of wonderful tears.
Tears of salty unrest.


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Silently mellow
Like a mellifluous flower
That stands tall
Facing the silky bushes.

My trainers are too small,
My feet do not want to obey,
And amongst all the shrubbery
A pansy tickles my ankles.

I want to shout,
He wants to cry,
That he is no longer
Lost in his deranged speech.

Forever flowery.
Facing the bushes.
Silently mellow.

It wonderfully tickles
like a thorny rose,
and I resist.
My soul finds solace
That a restful place
He finally encountered
During his languid sleep.

Meandering along
He picked an olive tree
the seeds of which he’d planted.
Enjoy the soft caress of your pillow.

Silently mellow
Like a mellifluous flower
That stands tall
Facing the silky bushes.

I stand up,
I flounder
With an unimaginable desire
To wildly burst open
Like a blooming fish.

I can’t scape,
I will jump
Into the nearest puddle.
Bubbles come and go.

Forever flowery.
Silently mellow.
Meandering along
He picked an olive tree
the seeds of which he’d planted.

What the Eyes Can’t See

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A little mouse in the kitchen
Quietly hidden
Behind lower cupboards.
He seems hypnotized
By cooking smells.

He wants to escape
His hiding place,
But a dog lurking around
He senses.

Some breadcrumbs
Fell off while dishing away
A poor man’s toast,
so I leave them there
for the little mouse's tea.

The suave hunter
Now enters the room.
The mouse is scared and silenced,
As he can smell
His early morning death.

Momo is shedding,
The floor is full of hair.
His stomach is rumbling,
The mouse will turn
into woolly snow one day.

I turn a blind eye
And leave the room.
A new chapter is
Waiting for me
By my bedside table.

There are no sounds,
And on the floor
The hair remains unswept.
There are no dry tears either
For what the eyes can’t see.


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With green and yellow shadows
Your ferocity I admire,
You misbehave
Like a house in ruins.

Yet everyone is there
To pick up your rainbow pieces
When your stride falters.

Peripheral vision 
Does not abound
In your sea of cobblestones.

If only I had a lantern.

You sigh, and that sight
truly pierces
Through my thick skin.

You didn’t even know I had skin,
and when it got dry, 
It blistered
Like your little soul
Of Green and yellow shadows.

If only I had a lantern.