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Sentient Shades

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Melodious Space Sing Song & Sun Sound Sentient Felt, Melodious Sorrow & Soundfull Space Black Vintage Waves, Deep Fluent Moves All eyes No words, Scenic Silent Stellar Wishful Heart Full Filled & Felt Deep Sample Healing Melodious Space, Scenic Stellar Stirred Song Sun Shades dark & Pink, Sentient, Calming Sun Look at those shades Melodious sounds Those Sentient Shades, Deep Fluent Waves. All eyes, No words. Melodious. Silent. Space.


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a time for riddles a time for fun a time for caresses a time for luscious whispered verses dark and feathery Venetian masks unmasked soft hearts that still retain those childish bright  blue  pink  yellow  purple shades with pony-tails like a little child that lost his twin when life grew bitter a fiery force a flame awake don’t let it burn don’t let it die like an old soul seeing her reflection in a broken […]