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Pet Paw Poem

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we call it it it has no name it takes a beat to keep it dancing   it plays no games been out of sync but sometimes feet tap in unyson   the tune that makes those flowers bloom those eyes fall sleep and wink out sadness   /Serious Smart Wave,  Sparkling Smile,  Conceals A quirk, & Flying Kindness/ . . . we call it it it has no name it takes two beats to keep it […]

Mint Tea Rules

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Millie brings her dancing mistress methods to the fore. A choir of groupies is constantly attending to her very last whims and desires. She demands pu-erh tea – and so they pour her a warming, soul-purifying mug.  The atmosphere indoors gets too stuffy when the flow reaches its crescendo. The groupies keep waving their long feathers Egyptian style, exotic, fancy legging trodden slaves to this green-eyed pharaoh.  Millie stares with a half-cynical smile at the […]