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Stoned Verse

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Silver songs  and sombre sounds  like silent stories—  stoned, profound    Writing, boldly,  of wild, wild dreams,  this page all soaked  with bright, red ink    My tears pouring  down that page,  just drowning words with startled rage    While smoking,  writing,  dreaming,  stoned,    Those letters  blurring—  poems  I owned    My silver   song  so stoned  it fades    The story  inhabits  dark,   stark caves    Yet writing, boldly,  of wild, wild dreams,  that nearly burst   with […]

Rare Waters

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Rare words, Wildly Running Through those Full lips—  Untimed The ones you Didn’t dare Open When trying To speak  Your riveting Lies Rivers  of sound Reverberating Through Silence, Flying arabesques Of the mind— In your dreams, So far away In that gloomy horizon Silent Words— Wildly pouring  through Tearful Sights Soft mounds, Rare waters— Some eerie Arabesque Light The one you Wouldn’t dare Shed— While plotting Your riveting Lies Silent words Soothing waters— And ghostly […]

dyed verse

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Where is her tiny Black dress? The one  She wanted to Wear that E v e n i n g A dress of Fancy, Bitter, Sweet and Dark-tinged V e r s e Prose-dyed, Vague-styled, But, still, Written with Her, I n  u n i s o n Neither  Of them Wanting  To die A verse-less  D e a t h For this,  They together  Caress, An achingly D a r k ,  —  B […]

White Tears

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I die A thousand Deaths, And cry A thousand Tears Inky drops Become Soft crease— On coarse skin, Renewed Fears I write This very Poem To tattoo it On your Skin White ink Is so translucent— Such a Slight, Poetic Sin I die A thousand Deaths, And cry A thousand Tears If only I’d read this On my palm— To get prepared For life’s exam But fact is, History Tells me, You can’t Read Between […]

Electric Child

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She was born An electric year Blank was her canvas Gone with the wind A hectic mind And fragile skin Tears of dust Heading to the Gold horizon Electric to touch And buzzing with Flying verse Dressed in cord pants Chunky brown shoes Curls down To her ears Eyes⁠—wiser than Her years Tears of dust Heading to the Gold horizon Electric to touch And buzzing with Flying verse She was born To a bird of […]

Monster Ball

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Slowly, slowly, You approach me Little creature Of the night I behold those Fancy feelings Wicked wizard Warm at heart? Slowly, slowly, I approach you Please don’t bite me Let me roam free Lion tamer Suave enchanter Got seduced by Your spider fang Softly gifting Piercing heartaches Wicked creature Golden night Slowly, slowly, You reproach me Swift-tonged monster Full of might I might leave this Fancy figment, Feathered, foamed, Velvet stream at heart I still […]

Poem Interruptus

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I often feel flustered with your never-ending sweet-toothed verses You are endowed with some greatly magical tricks Yet your poem interruptus meter often leaves me all cold and bothered Fact is, I'll never get sonnet-pregnant with your words 'Cause you always pull out your rhymes at the very last minute There is never enough time to come into ode-full moans and sighs My daylight dreams are all flustered and my imagination drawn to ecstatic snippets […]

Crystal Sunset

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Stony Silence Fighting Light Voice enchants Like a crystal Sunset Gone, To the point Of no return Smiling Without A smile, And, While smiling, Wavering, Wondering, Like a crystal Sunset Gone, To the point Of no return Slides away, She won’t Decay Like a crystal Sunset Weakened Word Womb, Breaking Waves Smiling Without A smile And, While smiling, Waiting, Wandering, Gone, To the point Of no return She won’t Decay, Under purple Dusk, She slides […]

Bonne Nuit, Les Enfants

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They said goodbye, And went to cry, They sobbed so much, That door, Just slammed She said adieu, Goodbye, Au revoir Becoming truth, Sight to behold, Beware, Unfold, Belittle Not He said Goodbye, Au revoir, Godspeed Enfants, Pink, Bright, Dark Lulla-bies They sing Along, With honest Pace Piano stars, Au revoir, Far cry, To those That loved, And those, That Played Enfants, Bright-eyed, Dark Lulla-bies For your good Night Behave, enfants Sleep tight. Don’t, Be […]