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Grey as it dribbles, drools, wet are his eyes, yet his lips are dry.  He lisps. Barely any words left, yet he can still whisper good morning, pet. Breathing heavily, turning around in agony. His grey fingers twist and the cats he glimpses out in the courtyard meanderingly meow. Weather wonders. It never stopped raining for any of us. The rain washes away the grey, but every single day the grey keeps coming back. Grey […]

Bum-cleaners Closet

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Moving her dad into a nursing home is probably the hardest fear Nina’s ever had to conquer. It is far more excruciating than being thirsty and not having water to sip on. It is more sharply awakening than falling hard on her knees when learning to ride a bicycle. During those early days when dad was teaching her to keep her balance on four wheels, Nina remembers getting a red-ocher tinge slowly flowing down her […]