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The day after my dad’s corpse burned to ashes, we went to pick them up by the scenic hillside crematory.  I was numb for feeling and my mum was still reluctant to cry.  My little sister was just blunt, as she displays herself during working days and weekends alike. No matter whether she has just won the lottery, or her father has died. But we had to go. My dad’s ashes were there, waiting for […]

The Charming Scent of Wet Dog Hair

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Spring breeze. Calm early evening. Streets vacated of bustling young families with their impolite offspring. Hurrah. Stare far out, over the horizon. Suddenly, a gentle voice starts whispering. You need to walk a tiny bit more – the Far Eastern Asian lady tenderly reproaches Momo. Or else, you will get too plump and your legs won’t be able to walk the stairs leading to your tiny apartment. Watch out, as they are steep (and also […]

Furry Fang

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Nina, Dori and the furry friends. They are all part of the same gang, loving and licking lovers of life. Despite the fact that they never got to meet each other, and that they both lived more than fifteen years apart, they share the same human, yours truly, whom they lovingly adore.  Dori is sleeping by my side, with his left cheek caressing his inanimate companion, dusty and diminutive Dandelion. I type away at my […]