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Silver Mansion

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S l o w l y , yet oozing danger, a spider trail-blazes the path to her silver mansion The one I, yawning and weary-eyed, visit on sleepless nights I shout— but there is no point in getting bewildered— I’m just tripping / I n t h i s i m a g i n a r y i m p l o s i o n o f m y s l e e […]

Stoned Verse

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Silver songs  and sombre sounds  like silent stories—  stoned, profound    Writing, boldly,  of wild, wild dreams,  this page all soaked  with bright, red ink    My tears pouring  down that page,  just drowning words with startled rage    While smoking,  writing,  dreaming,  stoned,    Those letters  blurring—  poems  I owned    My silver   song  so stoned  it fades    The story  inhabits  dark,   stark caves    Yet writing, boldly,  of wild, wild dreams,  that nearly burst   with […]

smudged lines

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Skin puzzle  Dismantled  In pieces  It breaks  A myriad of   Heartbreaks  A billion  Blue tapes    I turn on   The radio  My mind gets  All buzz  My eyes get   All blurry  My heart   Gives a blast  The mike   Switches on  No words  Old travail  I clear my mind  My voice  Won’t obey    Skin puzzle  Dismantled  In pieces  It breaks  A myriad of   Heartbreaks  A billion  Blue tapes    They give you an answer  You […]

Electric Child

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She was born An electric year Blank was her canvas Gone with the wind A hectic mind And fragile skin Tears of dust Heading to the Gold horizon Electric to touch And buzzing with Flying verse Dressed in cord pants Chunky brown shoes Curls down To her ears Eyes⁠—wiser than Her years Tears of dust Heading to the Gold horizon Electric to touch And buzzing with Flying verse She was born To a bird of […]

Monster Ball

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Slowly, slowly, You approach me Little creature Of the night I behold those Fancy feelings Wicked wizard Warm at heart? Slowly, slowly, I approach you Please don’t bite me Let me roam free Lion tamer Suave enchanter Got seduced by Your spider fang Softly gifting Piercing heartaches Wicked creature Golden night Slowly, slowly, You reproach me Swift-tonged monster Full of might I might leave this Fancy figment, Feathered, foamed, Velvet stream at heart I still […]

The Reader

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To all the ones That read my poems That hear me bare That don’t despair The texts The laughs The hidden Meanings The sounds The smiles The profound Feelings The rooms The streets Snow-covered Stay And thick, grey Smoke That will One day Become star Dust Till you will Sway That scent That sound Oh all So near Takes me To a time When you Were here To all The ones That read My poems […]

The Sound of Silence

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Don’t dare speak up Repeat with me Milady sleeps Fast-forward streams Solarium nights Lavish details Siren-tailed corpse Breaking the silence The sound of deathbed Amnesic smile Subtle, sublime, Such inner fight The prima donna That got the part She was no singer! Her saddened rhymes Lady in waiting She’s held at bay Translucent playground Far, far, away No-one’s an angel A gusty room But don’t be fooled Breaking the silence One sleepy mirage Got only […]

Opium Den

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A subtle line, Some purple tinge Over dark eyes - A violet fringe A yawn, And hush, All bored - To death Good Lord! That cat Short thread - Long view Along, Strung, A mouse - Blue dream Three long, Long seconds To cut That string The thread’s All loose The mouse Ran off To the opium Den, The cat… Snoozed On! A yawn, And hush, That den - All fluff The silver Death, All […]

Rare Relaxation

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A dream Is just a dream A dreamless night A dreamer’s dream A dream, Yet dreamed So true, Un-told, And truth, Begone! And brighter days And darker nights So cold, So cold A freezing smile, Slim fingers, Stoned Intensely numb A pen can’t hold A board can’t tap A key can’t strike They’re mine, They’re mine, Slim fingers, Numb, And winter comes And winter goes And light turns shade And shade kills light That room, […]

The Argonauts

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We traveled To the Moon, And back. We lost our sense Of time, we Crashed. About to land Still silenced, Them. Our darkened words, So troubled, Were. A turn did not We want to Take. The verse, That shiny song, That ache. Forget me not Big girls don’t Cry. Our darkened words, Still silenced, Bright. They found Their way, As dust they Float. In space We walked That winding Road. And silenced thoughts Darkened our […]