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Prosaic Fire

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Tender fire Loving, grand, Witless fables— Vacuous S o u n d s Damn his hunger For fast food Callow words And easy D e a l i n g s When all I fancied Was slow-cooked, Spicy lines, And complex M e a n i n g s ! * Wide, wide, windows, Lavish bloom, Pompous, charming, Prosaic, B l a n d Damn his hunger For fast food Callow words And easy D […]

B u r n i n g

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Devil player faded charm mindless trickster she dared fight,  One fair combat— all she wanted yet, the truth is, he,        d        e        c         l         i        n        e        d Biding adieu to his wonders such a let down ice rock heart She kept weaving her wild verses while she smoked, she […]

Burning Witches

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For centuries come, And centuries gone, Burning witches, Loving magic, Flying brooms - All going tragic! Closet witches, Those, bewitched, Closing shutters, Dimmed the light Chopped the wood To simmer up, That brew, Those stakes, And those light dreamers - Fire them up! To burn red souls, And smell the ash, Scarlet tears, Ending up Wetting pale cheeks They prayed for Light If, and only if, Only women Ended up Burning women Their own kind! […]

Rare Relaxation

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A dream Is just a dream A dreamless night A dreamer’s dream A dream, Yet dreamed So true, Un-told, And truth, Begone! And brighter days And darker nights So cold, So cold A freezing smile, Slim fingers, Stoned Intensely numb A pen can’t hold A board can’t tap A key can’t strike They’re mine, They’re mine, Slim fingers, Numb, And winter comes And winter goes And light turns shade And shade kills light That room, […]