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The White Seahorse

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The swimming costume sticks to her ribs and rubs her skin the wrong way, as she advances on her chlorinated walk to hell. Mum has sewn a plastic white seahorse on the lower right, close to the suit’s seams. She keeps feeling its rough surface as she slowly takes the stairs up to the pool. Do you want to get back to the white seahorse? Not really, says the child. Stupid kid. Off you go […]

The Clock Tower

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The clock keeps ticking away. Nearly time for our clandestine meet-up. I look forward to it. I am impatiently awaiting it, almost obsessively counting down the minutes until we will find ourselves walking alone, side by side, down the inner staircase, through the dim-lit yellow corridor, out through the back door, past the bike shed.  I long for his boyish wavy hair, I wish he’d grown out the crew cut of his mid-thirties back to […]