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dyed verse

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Where is her tiny Black dress? The one  She wanted to Wear that E v e n i n g A dress of Fancy, Bitter, Sweet and Dark-tinged V e r s e Prose-dyed, Vague-styled, But, still, Written with Her, I n  u n i s o n Neither  Of them Wanting  To die A verse-less  D e a t h For this,  They together  Caress, An achingly D a r k ,  —  B […]

White Tears

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I die A thousand Deaths, And cry A thousand Tears Inky drops Become Soft crease— On coarse skin, Renewed Fears I write This very Poem To tattoo it On your Skin White ink Is so translucent— Such a Slight, Poetic Sin I die A thousand Deaths, And cry A thousand Tears If only I’d read this On my palm— To get prepared For life’s exam But fact is, History Tells me, You can’t Read Between […]

Dancing Hands

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waves & colours twists & turns & black & white outstretched, loose arms, with hands untangling, knitting smiles on pale soft canvas, warm & bright a fragile psyche, brave as night tonight with hands, untangling, weaving waves & colours, twists & turns tonight. outstretched. on soft. grey canvas. cold, & bright. some touch the horizon. cry. then fly. these dancing hands * inspired by my beloved friend Tiffany D.'s drawing — with fearless hands dancing […]

Pet Paw Poem

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we call it it it has no name it takes a beat to keep it dancing   it plays no games been out of sync but sometimes feet tap in unyson   the tune that makes those flowers bloom those eyes fall sleep and wink out sadness   /Serious Smart Wave,  Sparkling Smile,  Conceals A quirk, & Flying Kindness/ . . . we call it it it has no name it takes two beats to keep it […]


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The day after my dad’s corpse burned to ashes, we went to pick them up by the scenic hillside crematory.  I was numb for feeling and my mum was still reluctant to cry.  My little sister was just blunt, as she displays herself during working days and weekends alike. No matter whether she has just won the lottery, or her father has died. But we had to go. My dad’s ashes were there, waiting for […]