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Blue Cinderella Rock Song

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Flying crazy  And loopy sounds  Those loony tunes  House breaking moulds  Silver tights  And bright blue shoes  A light of fancy  A daring spy    A ruthless dream  A tearful song  A seamstress  Stream  Ten hours,  Gone  You’ll never text  Too sad,  Too bad,  Forget, forget  A fearless sight  Smells of ashes  Speed of light  True singalong  Tap dancing night  To loony tunes  A daring spy  A flight of fancy,  A seamstress  Stream  Too mad […]

Warrior Song (Collab)

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By Secret Thoughts Within and Vintage Black A true wild heart A fine glass of wine With steadfast resolve I walk all divine   Keep walking good warrior And never look back Those trolls, demons, Vampires Deep love They do lack   Honey, I've lived my life I know the road you are on I'll share my secrets To keep your heart strong   Lay hold of pure light Let go of perfection These wrinkles and lines […]

24-Hour Plastic People

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Partying all night Posting pictures Looking fine, All that smoke They sell, All those lies They tell, Waste-free cheers To plastic people Rap, unprovoked, Vehemently bored, Breathing virtual smoke, Loving this, Our very plastic planet All the smoke They sell, All those lies They tell, Waste-free cheers To plastic people Burning muse White smoke Posting pictures Looking fine Rap, unprovoked, Vehemently bored, Take a virtual snort, Loving this, Our very plastic planet And those scarred, […]

Meaningful Morning Mood

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∞ Meandering Morning Mood ∞ My brew’s gone cold, I question why I doubt Myself So much The wind Keeps howling Out that window, And I can’t hear at all Even if I could It would all be noise But the mirror On the wall It reminds me That it’s not so mad It’s no so sad . . . . . . / Gimme Gimme Gimme (More Sound After Mid Night) / Momo wanted […]