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Stifling a yawn (Collab)

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Collabs / Poetry

By Secret Thoughts Within and Vintage Black I am so tired so very, very tired of not feeling comfortable within myself  I am so weary so very, very weary of putting my heart back on the shelf   Tired          tired tired Weary          weary weary   Comfortable with nothing and weary with so little my shelf life (patience) expired and my honest thoughts are cracked and  b    r    i    t  […]

Purple Waves

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We haven’t met In real life I’ve barely seen  Your framed P r o f i l e Yet your words Illuminate My path Your empath Soul My spirit L i g h t e n s This soft Bright verse All weaved in P u r p l e A wickedly Magnetic rhymer Wielding words With infinite poetic N o u s A great Wing poetess A gifted lyricist— And a better F r […]

Blue Cinderella Rock Song

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Flying crazy  And loopy sounds  Those loony tunes  House breaking moulds  Silver tights  And bright blue shoes  A light of fancy  A daring spy    A ruthless dream  A tearful song  A seamstress  Stream  Ten hours,  Gone  You’ll never text  Too sad,  Too bad,  Forget, forget  A fearless sight  Smells of ashes  Speed of light  True singalong  Tap dancing night  To loony tunes  A daring spy  A flight of fancy,  A seamstress  Stream  Too mad […]

Warrior Song (Collab)

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By Secret Thoughts Within and Vintage Black A true wild heart A fine glass of wine With steadfast resolve I walk all divine   Keep walking good warrior And never look back Those trolls, demons, Vampires Deep love They do lack   Honey, I've lived my life I know the road you are on I'll share my secrets To keep your heart strong   Lay hold of pure light Let go of perfection These wrinkles and lines […]

24-Hour Plastic People

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Partying all night Posting pictures Looking fine, All that smoke They sell, All those lies They tell, Waste-free cheers To plastic people Rap, unprovoked, Vehemently bored, Breathing virtual smoke, Loving this, Our very plastic planet All the smoke They sell, All those lies They tell, Waste-free cheers To plastic people Burning muse White smoke Posting pictures Looking fine Rap, unprovoked, Vehemently bored, Take a virtual snort, Loving this, Our very plastic planet And those scarred, […]

Meaningful Morning Mood

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Random / Poetry

∞ Meandering Morning Mood ∞ My brew’s gone cold, I question why I doubt Myself So much The wind Keeps howling Out that window, And I can’t hear at all Even if I could It would all be noise But the mirror On the wall It reminds me That it’s not so mad It’s no so sad . . . . . . / Gimme Gimme Gimme (More Sound After Mid Night) / Momo wanted […]