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A Twist of Lemon

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He smiles as I write these words A twist of lemon, some bitter tonic— flowing through thirsty veins * I smile as he draws a pair of eyes The ones that brighten the darkest days of our nocturne souls * Chilly air swirls into our empty space While I get rid of commas, full stops— irreverent aftertastes * It all ends with a styled, stained letter and a twist of lemon— As it gently infuses […]

Dancing Hands

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waves & colours twists & turns & black & white outstretched, loose arms, with hands untangling, knitting smiles on pale soft canvas, warm & bright a fragile psyche, brave as night tonight with hands, untangling, weaving waves & colours, twists & turns tonight. outstretched. on soft. grey canvas. cold, & bright. some touch the horizon. cry. then fly. these dancing hands * inspired by my beloved friend Tiffany D.'s drawing — with fearless hands dancing […]