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Broken Mirror

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I strived to collect the shattered pieces of your broken mirror The one you bought to catch a glimpse of your ailing soul I’d slowly arrange those crystal pieces into a living puzzle My hands got scarred, my heart, all aching— fearing one high toll My mind all floundered, just picking pieces off the cold ceramics My feet all naked, as I kept walking on that unswept floor * You yearned to collect the shattered […]

Steamed Letters

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these days i feel too mild to grasp life with a mordacious bite i lose my pencils easily and i permanently misplace my pens and pads my words end up stored away in fridges, where i’d rarely look, Alas! lest I turn ravenous with rhyming lust my lazy verses, in arrears, they become tears of m o d e r o b goodbye steam lettering on a hot bathroom       M     […]

Pet Paw Poem

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we call it it it has no name it takes a beat to keep it dancing   it plays no games been out of sync but sometimes feet tap in unyson   the tune that makes those flowers bloom those eyes fall sleep and wink out sadness   /Serious Smart Wave,  Sparkling Smile,  Conceals A quirk, & Flying Kindness/ . . . we call it it it has no name it takes two beats to keep it […]

Private Eyes

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You look into my eyes Through my eyes Past my eyes Beyond my eyes,   Aye, Private Eye What is there For you to see, Through this Virtual Omniscient Window?   Shall We Close Those Shutters Now? A slight draft Crawls up My spine, We do not want To get cold, There is so much Salt to sweat, Sugar to taste, Songs to sing, So many Poems to Caress.   Still.  Winter’s Coming Soon. We […]