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Silver Mansion

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S l o w l y , yet oozing danger, a spider trail-blazes the path to her silver mansion The one I, yawning and weary-eyed, visit on sleepless nights I shout— but there is no point in getting bewildered— I’m just tripping / I n t h i s i m a g i n a r y i m p l o s i o n o f m y s l e e […]

Monster Ball

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Slowly, slowly, You approach me Little creature Of the night I behold those Fancy feelings Wicked wizard Warm at heart? Slowly, slowly, I approach you Please don’t bite me Let me roam free Lion tamer Suave enchanter Got seduced by Your spider fang Softly gifting Piercing heartaches Wicked creature Golden night Slowly, slowly, You reproach me Swift-tonged monster Full of might I might leave this Fancy figment, Feathered, foamed, Velvet stream at heart I still […]

Pink Pillow Poem

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Draw one tattoo For me I'll ink another one For you A tat One And only We'll share Our pink Pillow book, Inked verse, Stained bed Of love, longing, Pain, undeserved, Unsearched, and, yet conquered, Profound, One lasting bond, Fancy lettering, Blue This, Our night's Little secret, Still true Bold, and, forever, Subdued, Our Pink Pillow Poem, Tattooed

Rare Relaxation

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A dream Is just a dream A dreamless night A dreamer’s dream A dream, Yet dreamed So true, Un-told, And truth, Begone! And brighter days And darker nights So cold, So cold A freezing smile, Slim fingers, Stoned Intensely numb A pen can’t hold A board can’t tap A key can’t strike They’re mine, They’re mine, Slim fingers, Numb, And winter comes And winter goes And light turns shade And shade kills light That room, […]