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Meaningful Morning Mood

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∞ Meandering Morning Mood ∞ My brew’s gone cold, I question why I doubt Myself So much The wind Keeps howling Out that window, And I can’t hear at all Even if I could It would all be noise But the mirror On the wall It reminds me That it’s not so mad It’s no so sad . . . . . . / Gimme Gimme Gimme (More Sound After Mid Night) / Momo wanted […]

Transparent Noir

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I am crying, I cried and cried, And when there was No more crying to do, I still cried And Kept Crying, Uncrippled cry, For the creative Nurturing Cradle I feared losing. I was in search Of my own Helium Moon-ful Turf I’ll wait, I’ll stop crying, But sometimes Crying Crying Crying Brings Tears of Joyful Blissful Pleasure All badness Has its anti-polar Goodness. Do not Stop Crying Being Writing Hearing Hearting Sharing Reading, Out […]