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In Transit

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Willfully silent and opaquely beautiful Like a love affair that fades wordlessly, A two-act word play just hinted at. A fateful page the reader doesn’t want to turn —Lest it blankly shine, so devoid of meaning— A blurry sentence smudged on the mirror —If only they could read it out— Drafts left behind while I was still in transit, Silent tunes I hum to myself, Unwritten plays I, by heart, remember, —And will not dare […]

Wild One (Collab)

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Collabs / Poetry

By Secret Bree and Vintage Black With a piercing  stare  and unquenchable  appetite—   I’m one   of the wild ones captivating  and  fierce Slowly  ever so vigilantly you approach  trying to embrace  me with  velvet  sounds    —Casting that wicked  magic  of a   wild  cat  whisperer—    Yet I’m not falling   prey  to your  taming  charms     Inevitably  you’ll fall  in lust   Everything else turning to dust against my sensual verses   Sweaty,  playful-  breathing,  […]

Musical Chairs

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Sing Song Gone. Strong Must Sleep Deep. Read Angered Red Balloon. Fly Magic Wand & Wendy. Wonder Book Fire Water. Stream Nom de Plume. Dream Sing Song Done. Write Musical Loving Chairs. Stand Sing Song Bubble. Blow Conscious Bond Confine. Shrine A N D Cheers To Those That Do Still Play, Lyrical, Poetic Chairs, & Hum In love, In fight, In sunlit fields, In urban greys, In stardust Nights.