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Pale Plant Shadow

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* Mirror, mirror On the wall Gentle shadow Warming pose Drying fall And feathered sand Flowered tiara Greet the Sun Calming tide An island seeks To rest those hands To warm those feet To kiss those eyes And bite such lips Silenced tiara Daughter tongue Warming cold And healing sound * * Sea salt rest A view of Ocher And Magenta Bubbles Flowing Through Recycled Bottle Glass Housing Those coveted, Majestic Leaves * * * […]


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Poetry / Random

Humanistic woman,Yet not humane,Fat with ideasBursting off the seams. Can’t keep Probing her thoughtsIn a world thatLaughs at its own jokes. She tightens her beltBut fragmented sentencesKeep rumblingInside her belly.She can hear themRevolting in her guts. She is hungry,She doesn’t even knowHow to keep her diet in check,How to digest all those stewed letters. Fat with ideasBursting off the seams. She is hungry,Yet she doesn’t even knowHow to concoctSome random verses.There is not even rhymeAnd even in freestyleThat is a recipe […]