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Steamed Letters

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these days i feel too mild to grasp life with a mordacious bite i lose my pencils easily and i permanently misplace my pens and pads my words end up stored away in fridges, where i’d rarely look, Alas! lest I turn ravenous with rhyming lust my lazy verses, in arrears, they become tears of m o d e r o b goodbye steam lettering on a hot bathroom       M     […]

Monster Ball

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Slowly, slowly, You approach me Little creature Of the night I behold those Fancy feelings Wicked wizard Warm at heart? Slowly, slowly, I approach you Please don’t bite me Let me roam free Lion tamer Suave enchanter Got seduced by Your spider fang Softly gifting Piercing heartaches Wicked creature Golden night Slowly, slowly, You reproach me Swift-tonged monster Full of might I might leave this Fancy figment, Feathered, foamed, Velvet stream at heart I still […]