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Sea Salted Skin

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Your bright materials I will never forget The love The scent The hugs Those kisses The ones You owed me Yet never returned That icy, shadowed Bridge you never Dared to cross Fearing it would Crumble Under Your Feet Lest your soul Fill the river in Drowned sorrow Before wearing That suit Sea Salted Skin Too self-enchanted With those sonnets, second-guessing Our exchanged verses, Doubting The authenticity Of these free rhymes Yet the image Of […]

Dancing Branches

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A tree that bends, Those valiant branches The tender leaves Buried with sand The feet are naked Painted with ashes The Sun does tickle The skin gets tanned A sea, a myriad Of water smiles Those valiant branches That warming Sun Summer will one day Watch us stand, Courageous swimmers, With wrinkled hands Tanning the soul With fluid breaststrokes Appeasing chills That pierce through hearts A glimpse of Sun Melodic dart, A sea, a myriad, […]


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Sailing solo,Sand and songs,One wet page,All sweet and dour.I feel the soothing caressOf the steaming bath.I smear the mirrorWith wet tenderness.Cold water,Lashes at my back.I lash out,As if your long handsWere graspingGolden ringsThat my fingers Will never wear. Sad song, Blinking boat Sailing solo.