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The Reader

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To all the ones That read my poems That hear me bare That don’t despair The texts The laughs The hidden Meanings The sounds The smiles The profound Feelings The rooms The streets Snow-covered Stay And thick, grey Smoke That will One day Become star Dust Till you will Sway That scent That sound Oh all So near Takes me To a time When you Were here To all The ones That read My poems […]

The Sound of Silence

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Don’t dare speak up Repeat with me Milady sleeps Fast-forward streams Solarium nights Lavish details Siren-tailed corpse Breaking the silence The sound of deathbed Amnesic smile Subtle, sublime, Such inner fight The prima donna That got the part She was no singer! Her saddened rhymes Lady in waiting She’s held at bay Translucent playground Far, far, away No-one’s an angel A gusty room But don’t be fooled Breaking the silence One sleepy mirage Got only […]

Radio Silence

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Blue-feathered Rain You caused her Sorrow In cold blood Shot, Front lit And Frail, Lethargic smile You’d drive her mad Betrayed, Betrayed, This radio silence Were you Still drunk Was she Naive Could you Relive Rewind, Undie. Untie The tie And Tie The dye Betrayed, Betrayed You caused her Sorrow, Lethargic smile You'd drive her mad Front lit And dry, Untie, Undie, Your strangling thoughts Forcing your way Through Mental depths, Those Mindless Mines But […]

Pale Plant Shadow

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* Mirror, mirror On the wall Gentle shadow Warming pose Drying fall And feathered sand Flowered tiara Greet the Sun Calming tide An island seeks To rest those hands To warm those feet To kiss those eyes And bite such lips Silenced tiara Daughter tongue Warming cold And healing sound * * Sea salt rest A view of Ocher And Magenta Bubbles Flowing Through Recycled Bottle Glass Housing Those coveted, Majestic Leaves * * * […]