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fine line

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Poetry / Stories

You seduced my blank p a g e s  w i t h a purple                stare Your s c o r e agile —with bare lines, fragile— and a smoky flair * Paper trails going a m i s s during o u r morning                       walks While we kept silent O, u n s p o k e n mysteries— […]

Stoned Verse

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Silver songs  and sombre sounds  like silent stories—  stoned, profound    Writing, boldly,  of wild, wild dreams,  this page all soaked  with bright, red ink    My tears pouring  down that page,  just drowning words with startled rage    While smoking,  writing,  dreaming,  stoned,    Those letters  blurring—  poems  I owned    My silver   song  so stoned  it fades    The story  inhabits  dark,   stark caves    Yet writing, boldly,  of wild, wild dreams,  that nearly burst   with […]