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Silver Mansion

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S l o w l y , yet oozing danger, a spider trail-blazes the path to her silver mansion The one I, yawning and weary-eyed, visit on sleepless nights I shout— but there is no point in getting bewildered— I’m just tripping / I n t h i s i m a g i n a r y i m p l o s i o n o f m y s l e e […]

Stifling a yawn (Collab)

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Collabs / Poetry

By Secret Thoughts Within and Vintage Black I am so tired so very, very tired of not feeling comfortable within myself  I am so weary so very, very weary of putting my heart back on the shelf   Tired          tired tired Weary          weary weary   Comfortable with nothing and weary with so little my shelf life (patience) expired and my honest thoughts are cracked and  b    r    i    t  […]


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Fragments of deep verse Washing ashore Yet the lyrical tempest Hasn’t even S t a r t e d In this rough and slumbering, Wetly dry and Wicked, Late summer of slow w o r d s Wake up, W o r d S t o r m e r Have you ever dreamed of such a late, And furious, Timeless, Fateful, Somber, Fearsome, Word S t o r m ? Wake up, W o […]

The Sound of Silence

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Don’t dare speak up Repeat with me Milady sleeps Fast-forward streams Solarium nights Lavish details Siren-tailed corpse Breaking the silence The sound of deathbed Amnesic smile Subtle, sublime, Such inner fight The prima donna That got the part She was no singer! Her saddened rhymes Lady in waiting She’s held at bay Translucent playground Far, far, away No-one’s an angel A gusty room But don’t be fooled Breaking the silence One sleepy mirage Got only […]

Musical High

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A night at the opera She had not yet had Philistine poet Blasphemous, mad Oh my good lord My mamma did play Full blast Nessum Dorma At my father’s wake She may not have known The story in full, Yet surely she could - Caress tenor wool The whole church Went silent - All but for Mum’s cries The music Went dormant My dad Reached the sky And what she all wanted - That music […]

Pet Paw Poem

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we call it it it has no name it takes a beat to keep it dancing   it plays no games been out of sync but sometimes feet tap in unyson   the tune that makes those flowers bloom those eyes fall sleep and wink out sadness   /Serious Smart Wave,  Sparkling Smile,  Conceals A quirk, & Flying Kindness/ . . . we call it it it has no name it takes two beats to keep it […]