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Stoned Verse

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Silver songs  and sombre sounds  like silent stories—  stoned, profound    Writing, boldly,  of wild, wild dreams,  this page all soaked  with bright, red ink    My tears pouring  down that page,  just drowning words with startled rage    While smoking,  writing,  dreaming,  stoned,    Those letters  blurring—  poems  I owned    My silver   song  so stoned  it fades    The story  inhabits  dark,   stark caves    Yet writing, boldly,  of wild, wild dreams,  that nearly burst   with […]

Blue Cinderella Rock Song

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Flying crazy  And loopy sounds  Those loony tunes  House breaking moulds  Silver tights  And bright blue shoes  A light of fancy  A daring spy    A ruthless dream  A tearful song  A seamstress  Stream  Ten hours,  Gone  You’ll never text  Too sad,  Too bad,  Forget, forget  A fearless sight  Smells of ashes  Speed of light  True singalong  Tap dancing night  To loony tunes  A daring spy  A flight of fancy,  A seamstress  Stream  Too mad […]

Warrior Song (Collab)

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By Secret Thoughts Within and Vintage Black A true wild heart A fine glass of wine With steadfast resolve I walk all divine   Keep walking good warrior And never look back Those trolls, demons, Vampires Deep love They do lack   Honey, I've lived my life I know the road you are on I'll share my secrets To keep your heart strong   Lay hold of pure light Let go of perfection These wrinkles and lines […]

Pet Paw Poem

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we call it it it has no name it takes a beat to keep it dancing   it plays no games been out of sync but sometimes feet tap in unyson   the tune that makes those flowers bloom those eyes fall sleep and wink out sadness   /Serious Smart Wave,  Sparkling Smile,  Conceals A quirk, & Flying Kindness/ . . . we call it it it has no name it takes two beats to keep it […]