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Rare Waters

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Rare words, Wildly Running Through those Full lips—  Untimed The ones you Didn’t dare Open When trying To speak  Your riveting Lies Rivers  of sound Reverberating Through Silence, Flying arabesques Of the mind— In your dreams, So far away In that gloomy horizon Silent Words— Wildly pouring  through Tearful Sights Soft mounds, Rare waters— Some eerie Arabesque Light The one you Wouldn’t dare Shed— While plotting Your riveting Lies Silent words Soothing waters— And ghostly […]

Late Night Listener (Collab)

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By Secret Thoughts Within and Vintage Black I am your only late night listener,  Savoring your words spoken  Over and over,  Alone in the blackness.   Messages played on loop In the radio host sound  Of your voice,  I tune in to enjoy  Yet another twilight sample. Your poetic mixtape Of descriptive drunken words Makes perfect sense To my late-night soul, So, I dial in every sunset.   Alas! That intoxicating oeuvre, Over and over I play it as I live […]