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A Twist of Lemon

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He smiles as I write these words A twist of lemon, some bitter tonic— flowing through thirsty veins * I smile as he draws a pair of eyes The ones that brighten the darkest days of our nocturne souls * Chilly air swirls into our empty space While I get rid of commas, full stops— irreverent aftertastes * It all ends with a styled, stained letter and a twist of lemon— As it gently infuses […]

Interstellar (Collab)

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Collabs / Poetry

By Amber @Diosraw & Vintage Black We nursed those pixelated lilies back to WordPress life Time travelling the technicolor cyberspace Birthing new data nova blossoming ripples The way our readers would love them to sway and rhyme Forever poetically entwined like old 'net souls, Smelling them, after one hell of a poet hard day's night Those petals never smelled so beautiful, their aroma, yet untouched Frozen in the liquid space of virtual landscapes Traceable as […]

The Argonauts

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We traveled To the Moon, And back. We lost our sense Of time, we Crashed. About to land Still silenced, Them. Our darkened words, So troubled, Were. A turn did not We want to Take. The verse, That shiny song, That ache. Forget me not Big girls don’t Cry. Our darkened words, Still silenced, Bright. They found Their way, As dust they Float. In space We walked That winding Road. And silenced thoughts Darkened our […]

Pale Plant Shadow

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* Mirror, mirror On the wall Gentle shadow Warming pose Drying fall And feathered sand Flowered tiara Greet the Sun Calming tide An island seeks To rest those hands To warm those feet To kiss those eyes And bite such lips Silenced tiara Daughter tongue Warming cold And healing sound * * Sea salt rest A view of Ocher And Magenta Bubbles Flowing Through Recycled Bottle Glass Housing Those coveted, Majestic Leaves * * * […]