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Blueberry Notes

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Last night I travelled to the dream libraries of our childhood summers A pastel-coloured palette, cotton candy, and liquorice o n m y l i p s I imagined fantasy birds, fell in love with new words, And savoured mesmerising s o u n d s * Last night I travelled to the dream libraries of our childhood summers Nina sings to herself while I rub my eyes— still too sleepy A sandy, crisp, and […]


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Fragments of deep verse Washing ashore Yet the lyrical tempest Hasn’t even S t a r t e d In this rough and slumbering, Wetly dry and Wicked, Late summer of slow w o r d s Wake up, W o r d S t o r m e r Have you ever dreamed of such a late, And furious, Timeless, Fateful, Somber, Fearsome, Word S t o r m ? Wake up, W o […]

Summer Be Gone

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Close your eyes I am here, by your side. I want to see the withering hibiscus. Once more. It yearns for water,Yet you are condemning itTo an early death.Switch off the lights,Until Momo comes alongWith his languid stride.Forever imbuing the roomOf tranquil wisdom.Self-induced ostracismTo some it appears,But I call it insteadThe calm purityOf solo living.Close your eyes,I am here, by your side. Let light be gone.Forever imbuing the roomOf tranquil wisdom. I do not want […]

The Sweet Smell of Piglets in the Summertime

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I was only five o six. I think I had not even yet learned to ride a bicycle. I was in my summer-dreaming countryside. Dusty roads that led nowhere but to hard falls on the knees and to the half-constructed summer home. The one that had been built up out of the family’s hard-earned savings; thanks to (or despite) my dad’s weekday office boredom and my mum’s anxiety and bookkeeping tears. (Obedient servant to a […]