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Late Night Listener (Collab)

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By Secret Thoughts Within and Vintage Black I am your only late night listener,  Savoring your words spoken  Over and over,  Alone in the blackness.   Messages played on loop In the radio host sound  Of your voice,  I tune in to enjoy  Yet another twilight sample. Your poetic mixtape Of descriptive drunken words Makes perfect sense To my late-night soul, So, I dial in every sunset.   Alas! That intoxicating oeuvre, Over and over I play it as I live […]

Dancing Hands

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waves & colours twists & turns & black & white outstretched, loose arms, with hands untangling, knitting smiles on pale soft canvas, warm & bright a fragile psyche, brave as night tonight with hands, untangling, weaving waves & colours, twists & turns tonight. outstretched. on soft. grey canvas. cold, & bright. some touch the horizon. cry. then fly. these dancing hands * inspired by my beloved friend Tiffany D.'s drawing — with fearless hands dancing […]

Opium Den

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A subtle line, Some purple tinge Over dark eyes - A violet fringe A yawn, And hush, All bored - To death Good Lord! That cat Short thread - Long view Along, Strung, A mouse - Blue dream Three long, Long seconds To cut That string The thread’s All loose The mouse Ran off To the opium Den, The cat… Snoozed On! A yawn, And hush, That den - All fluff The silver Death, All […]