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Random / Poetry

Venomous snakeThat bites my ankle.Slimy markImprinted on my skin.I did not even noticeI was trespassingYour green garden.The one thatI used to step upon With naked feet.I distance myself,Dancing,Dangling my legsUnder my polka-dotted skirt.All I neededWas to doodleSmall figurinesOn your blank notebook.Doodle away,And take a sip of coffee.Famine aboundsAnd you needTo stop wasting away.Willingness is the wonderfulGift of the soul bearers.They instillFanciful thoughtsAnd set them alight.Open sky,A broken key,Bringing downThe merry outskirts.They do not wantTo kneel […]

Night Barking

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Stretch out your hands,Caress the book covers,Savor their titles,Enjoy their pensive skin.Don’t fear funEmbrace the wonderOf those sad stories thatYou almost dreamed.Yellowed pages,Dog-eared chapters.The wordsYou didn’t writeAre truly yours.Like black magicInk disappears.With empty lungs, I bark,And I bow to the writerFrom the resolute wisdomOf the starry desert.Like black magicInk disappears.These are the booksyou should have written.Your travel companionsTo the afterlife.This very barking night.